What was originally a mix of Evernote and Pinterest accounts to organise recipes, travel tips and other design (mostly interior design and fashion) notes, has now merged into aSpaniard.com: a lifestyle publication where travel, culture, design and health and beauty meet.

aSpaniard.com: about the author.

Introductory note:

Hello World, Hola Mundo!! Literally. Well, if you haven’t previously had any experience with coding or website development, then you are probably wondering what on Earth the title of this first article refers to.

The thing is, I myself only very recently got into this world, and “Hello World” or “Hola Mundo” is the very first thing you write into any code. A sort of test to see if what you are writing goes through to the other side. Like testing a connection. And this is what I’m doing at aSpaniard.com as well.

I come from a completely different background. I am an economist and spent most of my working years in finance (sigh…!). That was when I lived in London. Yes, I spent 17 years in the UK as my Parents sent me there to school and, very much against their will, I then decided to stay for university and a career in the City.

However that all changed 3 years ago when, to my Parents’ surprise, after a year-long sabbatical I moved back to Spain (my origins) and into a completely different sector.

But I’m taking that further now. I’ve got to a point where I want to be doing what I really enjoy. And this is the beginning of that.

I’ve just taken a course on Website Development (thanks CICE!!), not because I want to do it for a living, but just because I enjoy it. And aSpaniard.com happens to be my course project, which later I’d like to grow and take further.

Yes, I have many many things planned along the way, but this a start. The rest, well – you’ll have to wait for it. In the meantime, Hello World, Hola Mundo!!

At that https://college-homework-help.org/ point, the apprentice switches to a different directing teacher for the remainder of the school year.


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